Perspectives: A Bug's Eye View

One of the greatest things about photography is that you notice things in the world around you in a different way.

For this post, let's pretend we're all bugs in the yard.

Hiding under a leaf.

Burrowing in the warm moss or the tall grass.

And even hiding on the play set.

Never stop dreaming,

Note: I like this perspective post and I think I'll make it a series.


Welcome Summer!

Yay! It's summer and most of my spring recitals are over! (save violin) I had four of them over the last 3 days and am proud to say that they went very well.

*We are now interrupting this program for a very special announcement. Gracie's loathed orchestra conductor will not be coming back next year, because he has been hired full-time somewhere else. She almost stood up and did a happy dance when it was announced during the concert yesterday.*

My younger sis, Kathleen (age nine), is at standardized testing today and it is very quiet at home. I normally wake up to the sound of her voice.

I finished Chains yesterday,

and I can't wait to start the sequel Forge that it sitting by my bed.Nevr

They are very sad books about slaves in the revolutionary war, but I can't seem to be able to put them down.

I recently did a photo shoot outside with nature, (my sister refuses over and over to participate) so be expecting a picture post soon.

Never stop dreaming,


I open at the close

I know it's a Harry Potter thing, but I was reminded of this when I finished The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan about 15 minutes ago.

I was completely distraught since I'm pretty sure that's the last book in the series when I remembered what was engraved on the snitch.

"I open at the close" doesn't just mean that the snitch will open when Harry walks calmly into the face if death. But it applied to me when I close that book. I open a new one at the close of an old.

I guess if you wanted to go in depth you could say that it meant that when one door closes in life another opens, but for now I want to stay at the book I'm morning the ending of.



Kathleen turned ten on the 22!! Double digits baby.


I am Tired

I know.... But I have a reason

My younger sister, Kathleen's birthday is Sunday!!!!! She will be turning 10.

The party is a brunch tomorrow morning around nineish so we were preparing this afternoon.

On a happier note than my tiredness, violin is going very well! I am :D

I guess it's time for bed. I'll post pics of the party this weekend!

Tired and happy,



Oh, yes.... I'm not on spring break yet. Well at least not quite. My last day is Thursday and then it's off to Jekyll Island on Sunday for a science extravaganza with friends. (don't worry, I will have plenty of pics to share) I was just doing Latin *grown inwardly* It's not very fun but I am getting better.

Yesterday was the first school day of daylight times savings and it did not go well. Getting up for church on Sunday didn't faze me but I was about to fall asleep all of yesterday. I did get some school work done but that means I just have to work even harder today.

Can't wait till this comes out in one week!!!!!!

Never stop dreaming,


Do Nothing Day

Let me make this clear, I have been wanting one of these for a looong time. School work has been bogging me down so, Mom promised me a day where I could just relax.

So far I have made muffins with my sister, finished Ruby Holler by Sharron Creech, and read some of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. Needless to say, it has been wonderful and it's only 10:30!!!

We had a big storm last night. It's all anyone has talked about this morning! We were at a play half an hour away from our house but we didn't have any rain the whole way home!!! (Thank you God!)

I think it's time for some picture updates.
We've been climbing trees,

Digging around in the flowers,



Jumping with glee,

and marveling at all the flowers.

But in the end of the day, we smile. Dirty tongue and all.

Never stop dreaming,