Welcome Summer!

Yay! It's summer and most of my spring recitals are over! (save violin) I had four of them over the last 3 days and am proud to say that they went very well.

*We are now interrupting this program for a very special announcement. Gracie's loathed orchestra conductor will not be coming back next year, because he has been hired full-time somewhere else. She almost stood up and did a happy dance when it was announced during the concert yesterday.*

My younger sis, Kathleen (age nine), is at standardized testing today and it is very quiet at home. I normally wake up to the sound of her voice.

I finished Chains yesterday,

and I can't wait to start the sequel Forge that it sitting by my bed.Nevr

They are very sad books about slaves in the revolutionary war, but I can't seem to be able to put them down.

I recently did a photo shoot outside with nature, (my sister refuses over and over to participate) so be expecting a picture post soon.

Never stop dreaming,

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