About Gracie

"Hello, I'm Gracie. I'd like to join the party." - (my version of what Walt said when he first came to Brooklyn     House. If your confused, read The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan.)

I'm your typical homeschooler with a not-so-typical perspective of the world.

 Reading is the first and foremost important thing I do all day.
I love to take pictures the world around me and make it seem beautiful.
Writing is my way of expressing myself. A way to get out what's going on inside my head.
I love to do crafts and art but my skills need some serious work.
Violin is my passion. There is no joy greater than the sound of a well worked on, finally beautiful, piece.
I know I'm thirteen, but I love to dress up.
Modern vintage is my world.
Hogwarts is at the top of my places I want to go.

I'm not always perfect, but God is. I strive everyday to know him more and more deeply.

this is my corner of the blogging world, 
welcome home.